Community Childcare Scheme (CCS Scheme)


Parent Entitlement



Pre-retirement Allowance

Farm Assist

State Pension

Blind Pension

Guardian’s Payment

Illness/Injury Benefit***

Disability Allowance

Carer’s Benefit/Allowance

Back to Work Enterprise/Education Allowance

Community Employment

Domiciliary Care Allowance

Family Income Support (FIS)

Secondary School Students

Invalidity Pension

Disablement Pension



Job Seekers Benefit/Allowance

*Supplementary Welfare Allowance **


Part-time Job Incentive Scheme




Medical Card / GP Visit Card

One Parent Family Payment / Widows / Widowers Pension

Parents in receipt of Social welfare Payments listed under Band A/AJ but have no Medical Card

Parents who no longer qualify for Band A/AJ this year but were verified as being on Band A/AJ at the end of the previous school year



*Parents in receipt of job seekers benefit/allowance who have a medical card will qualify for subvented childcare to a maximum of €80 subvention per week (Band AJ). Parents in receipt of Jobseekers Benifit/Allowance who do not have a medical card qualify for subvented childcare under Band B.

** A similar cap applies to basic payments under the Supplementary Welfare Allowance Scheme, as many of those in receipt of such payments are awaiting a decission on a Jobseekers Benefit/Allowance claim. In the event that this payment concludes with a successful claim which attracts a full rate Band A eligibility, with a medical card (e.g. One Parent Family Payment) then the eligibility for that payment can be back dated to the September of that given academic year for which the basic payment applied. However, the successful claim must be appealed before the deadline set by DCYA in the given year.

*** Parents on Illness Benefit will be reviewed during the course of the academic year. If the Illness Benefit no longer applies at the review, the band will be amended accordingly.

If a parent is in receipt of Domiciliary Care and does not hold a medical card, but their child does, that child only will receive Band A subvention. Any other children in that family will receive Band B





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