Team Hopes Shoe Box Appeal
Annual Cheerios Childline Breakfast and Pyjama Party

The children take part in Barnardos Cheerios Childline Breakfast in 

October each year. We all dress in our jammies and come to Playgroup to have breakfast with our friends. We have cereal, toast, orange juice, fruit and of course loads of Cheerios. Tea and coffee to go and a little morning treat is also served in the Montessori room for all our busy Mammies and Daddies. 

Donegal Community Playgroup & Montessori take apart in Team Hopes Shoe Box Appeal in November each year. The children learn all about the children who are not as fortunate as themselves and last year we were very proud of our very generous boys and girls who sent away 28 shoe boxes filled with goodies. This is a great activity that parents can also carry out at home with their child.

For the past two years Santa has invited our boys and girls out to Solis Lough Eske Castle to visit him in his Ginger Bread House out there. We got the bus from Playschool (which is a treat in its-self) and Santa met us at the door to the castle. We went inside and Santa gave us all gifts, then we had our very own disco in the ballroom and loads of goodies and yummy freshly made cookies. 

This is possibly the most important activity we do all year!!! Our boys and girls carefully write their letters at home with their mammies and daddies. Then they bring them to Playschool where we put them into special envelopes, decorate them and walk over to the post office to post them our-selves.

Childrens Christmas Party
in Solis Lough Eske Castle 
Posting our Santa Letters!!!



We at Donegal Community Playgroup love to carry our activities with the children which develop on their strengths and interests and which assists them in learning and taking an interest in becoming active participants in their local community.

Ambulance Visit
Childrens Concert
Teddy Bears Sleep Overs

We preform our Christmas Concert for all our families in Playschool during Christmas week. We sing all our favourite songs that we have been learning in Playgroup and we usually throw in a few Christmas songs just for good measure. This years theme was Frozen and we had a ball! We were very very proud of all our boys and girls! 

Our teddy bears love nothing more than to go for a sleep over to all of our boys and girls houses. So in January each year we dress teddy up for winter, pack his/her tooth brush and tooth paste, pyjamas and a bed-time story and off he/she goes on a sleepover. Then the boys and girls can tell us all about the great adventures they have gone on together. 

Garda Visit

We love it when we get visits at Playschool. Sometimes we get a vist from the guards and they tell us all about their job. They show us the breathaliser, their hand cuffs, motor bike helmet, and garda jeep. They usualy tell all the boys and girls how important it is to sit in their child seat or bumper seat and to wear our seat belts. 

Farmer Visit
Army Visit

We also really enjoy it if we get a visit from the ambulance crew. They have a very important job looking after people when they get sick or have an accident. They bring them to the hospital in the ambulance and we love seeing what its like inside the ambulance and learning what all the machines do.  

You just never know who might visit Playschool and one day we had a visit from Farmer Seog with his horse and baby foal. The boys and girls loved this visit. We all picked names for the baby foal and Farmer Seogs wife picked out the name Rosie. We wonder how Rosie is doing now! 

This was a big surprise because it was the first time that we had a visit from the army at Playschool. We all tried on their helmets and the soldiers told us all about the important work they do protecting us. We saw their jeep and used their walkie talkies. It really was a cool visit!

Laurie the Diver

We particularly love it when parents come to visit Playschool and tell all about what they do. Laurie is a diver and he came in to tell all the boys and girls about it. He brought in his diving gear, oxygen mask and flippers. He also brought in photographs of him diving. Quite a few boys and girls wanted to become divers after this visit so that they could look for treasure! 

In late spring or early summer we love learning all about the life cycle of the butterfly in Montessori. Anne-Claire gets small catterpillars and we watch them grow and change. We are very careful and look after them really well and then we realese them out into Daniels garden with all the beautiful flowers. 

Sam comes to Playschool
St. Patricks Day Parade

We Like to celebrate St. Patricks Day in style here at Playgroup and often take part in the Parade here in Donegal Town. We have even won Best Dressed School for our Fairy Tales themed entry. All our boys and girls and some of the teachers and parents got in on the fun and dressed up as their favourite Fairy tale characters. We were delighted to won and had a huge celebration the next day in Playschool! 

We love football here in Playschool and always get behind the county team. We were lucky enough to get a visit from Sean Dunnion and County player David Walsh with the Sam Mc Guire cup!!! We were super excited! 

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